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Spring Rhapsody by justeline
Spring Rhapsody
...and I stood there, mesmerized by the sound and the patterns of the falling water, thinking "if I went through this watery curtain, just like Alice through the looking glass, would I find myself waiting on the other side, reborn, clean and free?"

All the while knowing that what lays behind that curtain in reality is just a wall. 

But reality had nothing to do with those mind trips and "Alice" is finally here with me, older, wiser, happier and free...
Drowning by justeline
There comes a time when you feel dead inside. There comes a time
when the beauty around you can't heal you. It hurts you even
more, drowning you in a sea of memories... 

I made this image two years ago while being in an emotional tornado. But time has a way of putting things into their right perspective and I came to
look upon that time and the description of that image with a bemused embarrassment, wondering how on earth I managed to drown in a teaspoon of water
(that's a Greek saying)

Until just today, when I found out that someone that has been a constant sun-ray in my life has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Exactly 14 years
ago, to the very day, it was the first time I touched him. Seems like yesterday, seems like a thousand years and lives ago. And suddenly it feels like
drowning again, although I still believe this is some kind of a big, ugly cosmic joke.

I guess this image is a kind of weird prayer right now "Please, don't let it be so"...
Bridges to Babylon by justeline
Bridges to Babylon
/update 2015/ I reedited this shot about a year ago, as I found the original post-editing work to be too harsh. Too much contrast had obscured much of the detail of the scene. 

Night of echoes, missing faces
missing steps of missing men
in a dream of grey old shadows
Smoking cigarettes with ghosts
on the bridge of broken leaves.

Kirlian Camera – Wasted Bridges

Shot exactly 35 minutes after Underneath the Veil, this place was our original destination and this view was exactly the view we were hoping for. At least for me that is. Easy to understand why upon seeing it I completely forgot to keep on nagging about why we didn’t linger a bit more at the previous location.

It was a magical morning indeed; everything was perfectly still and silent, except for the water calmly running past us. We were lucky enough to find a spot were the river was shallow enough to allow us to set up right in the middle of it. Looking back I think this was the last totally perfect magical morning of our Easter vacation. Right after that my tonsillitis kicked in and I started swallowing hot coals which significantly diminished the pleasure of the days to follow. However, looking back I definitely wish I could go back and do it all over again... even the painful bit.

Hope you enjoy your visit here!

Location: Kokkorou bridge, Epirus, Greece

Beyond the Mist by justeline
Beyond the Mist
Mist is the ultimate illusionist. It's the fabric of dreams, covering detail, reducing the scene to its bare essentials -semitransparent shapes and suggestions- giving substance to the elements that happen to pierce through it like needles.

Beyond it dwells disillusionment, most of the times. 
It's best to wander through the blur of dreams

Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2011...

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 1:53 PM
Hello my devious, deviant friends, I wonder how many of you are still here, still following or still caring about anything I have to say after all this time I have been away :blush:
The thing is that there has been a lot of traveling around this past few months (not complaining of course)… which made DA messages pile up (not complaining of course)… which caused some anxiety attacks whenever I returned home about how on earth I was going to reply, thank, comment, watch, younameit… which was resolved by simply doing nothing… which resulted in feeling too ashamed even to post something new… and the messages kept piling up… vicious, devious circle.
Anyway, this is just to share the good news with anyone still here, still following and still caring enough to read :)

Contest News
I am the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2011 Gardens and Plants category winner !
Autumn Interlude got to the first place :)

Print News
My first photo-book LightScapes has just been published and is available on Blurb.You can leaf through it and tell me what you think and/or buy it ;-)


Also available as prints on DeviantArt are two calendars, a collaboration with KirlianCamera
GreekScapes Calendar 2012 New by justeline GreekScapes Calendar 2012 by justeline

Last, my image Relax, my first Daily Deviation here, is featured in this month's Digital Camera World "Hotshots".
Digital Camera World Issue 120 by justeline

And before I sign off, just to make one thing very clear… I didn't neglect DeviantArt because I don't care about your comments, your love and support anymore, quite the opposite. I care too much which makes me feel bad to leave them without proper response. It's much easier to share, respond and thank people in Google+ or Facebook and it's much easier to post to 1x, 500px or Flickr without having to respond to every comment since no one expects any reply out of you. Still, I'm not forgetting that I owe my whole new life and what I am today to DeviantArt, for more than just one reasons. I don't want to sound mushy so I'll leave it to that, just know that I've read your comments and I'm very grateful for all of them, for all the faves, the watches, the features, the encouraging words, the enthusiastic remarks, it's just not possible for me to reply individually at this point so I hope that one big, heartfelt THANK YOU is enough for you. I know it isn't for me, but that's all I can do for the time being.
Signing off here, have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, be ridiculously happy, be stubbornly positive no matter what and BE NICE!  


support KirlianCamera by o-BlueMoon-o
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Maria Kaimaki
Artist | Professional | Photography
…a teacher by profession, a perpetual student in all things that interest me and –for the last 3 years- a landscape photographer by passion. Photography changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined, it opened a door to a whole new reality, a new way of seeing and appreciating the world around me, a new philosophy and way of life. In photography you learn to focus on what’s important, excluding from your frame the insignificant or ugly elements of a scene. That’s not so far from how people should live their life.

Photography is for me a reason to wake up before the sun comes up, a reason to explore and discover new places and enjoy them in all their beauty. Most importantly it's the means to collect experiences and memories. Sometimes I'm able to transform those experiences and memories into an image I can share. Other times they just remain as images in my mind. They are equally real to me either way.

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Current Residence: Hios Island, Greece
Favourite photographer: Guy Tal, Art Wolfe, Charlie Waite, David Noton, Joe Cornish
Favourite style of art: Photography
Personal Quote: In photography you learn to focus on what's significant excluding from your frame the insignificant or ugly elements of a scene. That's not so far from how people should live their life.

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